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Кыргызско-Российского Славянского университета


И.И. Иванова.
Киргизское философское общество на V Российском философском конгрессе <Наука. Философия. Общество>

Kyrgyz Philosophical Society at the V Russian Philosophical Congress

Онтология и метафизика

Д.А. Алтмышбаева.
Предпосылки становления рефлексивного сознания

Premises of Reflective Consciousness Emergence
The article deals with the problem of reflective consciousness emergence and shows the cooperation, coordination and interaction of human nervous system and culture in production the reflective consciousness.

Философия науки

Б.А. Есенкулов.
Идея ситуационного анализа К. Поппера и философская герменевтика Х.-Г. Гадамера

K. Popper's Theory of Situational Analysis and H.-G. Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics
K. Poppers theory of situational analysis and H.-G. Gadamers philosophical hermeneutics are considered as complementary approaches in research activity.

И.И. Иванова.
Культурология и культурознание: определение когнитивного статуса

Culturistics and Culturology: Determination of Cognitive Status
In area of culturistics there are not only some lines of culturological science but also parascientific knowledge, not only cognitive field but also practical activity attended by one. At the same time the term designates only scientific knowledge, moreover empirical, interdisciplinary and complex one. This complex has characteristics not only of humanitarian or socio-humanitarian science but also of humanitarian-technical one. While its essential to recognize that all the methodological questions may be decided mainly by philosophy of science.

Социальная философия

К.М. Боталиева.
Гуманитарные технологии как средство формирования общественного сознания

The Humanitarian Technologies as Means of Public Consciousness Forming
In the article its a question of humanitarian technologies as a mean of forming of public consciousness.

Е.А. Ветошкина.
Социальный миф как средство манипуляции сознанием общества

Social Myth as Means of Manipulation with Consciousness of Society
Now the myth becomes a control facility, manipulations, influences in different spheres, from a policy to advertising. Spontaneous creativity of myths is replaced by conscious designing of myths; it does not explain a reality, and builds illusion, a Mirage. It is convincing on the analysis of materials of a mass culture and advertising.

А.Ш. Кожобекова.
Категория смерти в номадическом дискурсе мифа и мифоэпоса

Notion in the Nomadic Discourse of Myth and Myth-epos
The correlation of myth and myth-epic comprehension of death as the most important category of human existence is considered in the article. The main attention is focused on the defining of death content in the Kyrgyz myth-epic consciousness.

А.А. Корсукова.
Рынок как форма социального бытия

The Market as the Form of Social Life
This article emphasizes the research of the market as special phenomenon of human activity. It also points out the necessity of regular analysis of the market as integral component of sociocultural systems.

И.Е. Лукьященко.
Социальные стереотипы: когнитивный подход

Social Stereotypes: Cognitive Approach
Stereotypes could be studying as a component of cognitive process, as result of process integration and schematization of them. In that aspect could be making its gnoseological analysis: to discover the extent of veritable knowledge, to carry out structural analysis, to determine the level of the stability and the fixity.

Д.С. Серикова.
Синергетика как методология познания социальной реальности

Synergetic as a Methodology of Knowledge of Social Reality
In this article expresses the thought, that synergetic development creates essentially new theoretic-methodological paradigm of research of a social reality. This type of methodology allows to develop new, non-standard approaches in social knowledge and social management.

О.В. Сидоренко.
Свобода выбора в условиях глобализации: необходимость и ответственность

Freedom of Choice in the Conditions of Globalization: Necessity and Responsibility
This article only casually mentions a certain circle of problems, and is far from claims to depict global prospect of genesis of a modern society. It is a question only of some as it is represented to me, negative tendencies of development of globalization.

Д.В. Субботин.
О синтезе категорий объективного и бессознательного в фрейдо-марксизме

On the Synthesis of the Categories of Objectivity and Unconsciousness in Freudo-marxism
The author demonstrates that а common point between Marxist theory and Freudian one can be revealed in their mutual recognition of the determinant role of unconscious reality. The article also concerns some problematic issues of materialistic understanding of objective reality and social consciousness.

Е.В. Субботин.
Перспективы развития социальной сферы общества в свете автономизации личности

Prospects for Development of Social Sphere of Society in the Light of Personal Autonomism
The author discourses on social sphere of society as a mean of person autonomisation.

Философия истории

Э.К. Вагимов.
Общественный прогресс и перспективы развития современной цивилизации
It considers progress content in historical development of main form of property, connected with succession in change of social order. Accordingly it sees criteria of progress in improving forms of property in development of productive powers, science and technique, spiritual culture, increasing of the levels of personality freedom and in it is ability development.

Social Progress and Development Perspectives of Modern Civilization

Философские проблемы глобализации

А.Х. Бугазов.
Межкультурная коммуникация и диалог цивилизаций в условиях глобализации

Intercultural Communication and Dialogue of Civilizations in Globalization Context
Modern historical processes, challenges and responses that reflect the essence and forms of integration processes in the society are among major focuses of the article. Controversial nature of globalization, national identity and cross-cultural communication issues that it entails, is of utmost significance when defining the essence of modern era and human existence.


К.А. Савельева.
Учение И. Канта о доброй воле

Kant's Doctrine about Good Will
In the article it's a question of I. Kant's doctrine about good will.

История русской философии

В.П. Тутлис.
Смена парадигм и поиск онтологической идеи в России в нач. XIX в.

Changes of Paradigms and Research Ontological Idea in Russia in Beginning of XIX Century
In this article describes the mechanism of changes philosophic paradigms in process of researching example national idea on the example of history Russian philosophy the in beginning of XIX c.

Философия культуры

В.Д. Горячева.
Идея урбанизированной культуры в древнетюркских каганатах (сер. VI - X вв.)

Idea of Urbanized Culture at the Period of Ancient Turkic Khaganate on the Territory of Tien-Shan (Middle of VI-X cc.)
There was made attempt to give philosophical and culturological substantiation of some aspects of urbanization ancient Turkic's culture and then formation of civilization on the territory of Tien-Shan and Semirechie.

И.С. Шмелёва.
Созидание архитектурной среды как соединение общего и особенного

Creation of Architectural Environment as Combination of Common and Especial
There was made attempt to give philosophical understanding of some aspects of architectural environment.?

Философия религии

Е.А. Деревянкина.
Исследование проблем религиозного сознания в философском религиоведении кон. XVIII - нач. XXI вв.

Research on Problems of Religious Consciousness in Philosophical Religiology of XVIII-XXI cc.
There was made attempt to give an overview of religious perception study in philosophical religiology.

И.И. Иванова.
Ересиология как направление религиоведческих исследований

Heresiology as Line of Religiology Investigation
There was made attempt to give a review of heresiology investigations as a line of religiology.

Философская антропология и аксиология

О.Г. Денисова.
О психологической составляющей социального конфликта

On Psychological Component of the Social Conflicts
Every social conflict includes psychological component which is result of reflection in consciousness objective events. For example the psychological component is creation.

Н.М. Калинина.
Синергетическая интерпретация учений о сложной природе человека

Sinergetics Interpretation the Teachings about Complex Nature of the Mans
In the article with standpoint of synergetic methodologies are considered questions about complex nature of the person, reflected in ancient and modern Teachings of the Orient. The Universe is considered as complex self-organizing system, and person - as integral part of this system.

Философия образования

Н.Н. Дворянинова.
Метафизический статус университета

Metaphysical Status of University
There was made attempt to give metaphysical understanding of principal aspects of university phenomenon.

А.Ч. Какеев.
Особенности философии образования в XXI веке

Peculiarity of the Philosophy of Education in XXI c.
The author thinks over such actual theme of modern society as the perspectives of education and how it seems to him the process of education will develop according to some factors having an influence on it in future. The analysis of peculiarity of philosophy education is essential contribution to this deed.

В.И. Нифадьев.
Кыргызско-Российский Славянский университет: сегодня - в образовании, завтра - в науке
The author thinks over fitting place of KRSU in higher educational system.

Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University: Today - in Education, Tomorrow - in Science

Философия политики

В.П. Тутлис.
Универсальные основания виртуальной деструктивности <человека политического>.

Universal Bases of Virtual Disruptiveness of
This article expresses the thought, that destruction of public relations during information revolution means disintegration of the person as the political essence.

Философия этноса и этнофилософия

Н.И. Осмонова.
Теоретические проблемы изучения национальной философии

Theoretical Problems of Researching National Philosophy
The problem of theoretical studying of national philosophy was connected with reconsideration and search of the new methodological bases and principles in conditions of formation of the new theory of historical-philosophical process on a parity of the general and especial, universal and national-original.

Социальная философия

А.Г. Ерматова.
Проблемы формирования киргизской нации в условиях современного общества

Problems of Kyrgyz Nation Forming in Conditions of Modern Society
In the article it's a question of Kyrgyz nation forming in conditions of modern society.

История философии

О.В. Бойко.
Научное знание в философии Аристотеля

Scientific Knowledge of Aristotle's Philosophy
In this article Aristotle is shown as a founder of biology, psychology and his share in developments of logics is shown. It is show that he worked out a basic structure of philosophical knowledge. His ideas are described in this article from the point of view of logics.

Г.Ы. Ысманалиева.
К вопросу исследования философской мысли киргизского народа

To Question of the Study to Philosophical Thought of Kyrgyz Folk
In the article it is given a short analysis of the to histories to philosophical thought Kyrgyz and there are revealed actual problems of it is study. There are also presented main historical and philosophical works of scientist of Kyrgyzstan in this article.

Философская наука в Киргизии: памятные вехи и имена

Д.А. Алтмышбаева.
Историк философии академик А. Алтмышбаев в истории науки и философии

The Historian of Philosophy Academician A. Altmyshbaev in History of Science and Philosophy
The process of science becoming as a social institute and the development of science as a form of social consciousness in the young soviet country, which overpassed from feudal stage of society to socialism is the main item of this article.

А.Ч. Какеев.
Видному ученому-философу, ветерану Великой Отечественной войны А.И. Нарынбаеву - 85 лет

It is 85 Years to the Prominent Scientist-Philosopher, the Participant of the Great Patriotic War, A.I. Narynbaev
The article is about the scientific work of the distinguished son of the uigur people, who had been working in Kyrgyz state all his life and brought up tens of scientists. His works are dedicated to the history of socio-political and philosophical ideas of uigur people.

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